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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
Don't have to. If you are implying the guy has a sock collection on the loose around here I would tend to agree.
what i'm saying is that the progressives that i have debated with in this forum for the last 5 years have been pretty consistent across a lot of issues; the battlelines have always been very clear

so if sean was anti-brexit (and pro-EU) and if he was arguing for an end to borders then he'd be pretty consistent with the progressives i've been debating with

I posted a solutions thread where i threw out various ideas hoping to get people thinking about how society could be different and better. All the ideas had the same characteristics which is to say they were all decentralised solutions designed to empower the little guy and gal on the street

The authoritarian-left and the authoritarian-right on the other hand are always looking to centralise power away from the workers on the street and instead put it in the hands of elites but if power is centralised it is moved out of the hands of the workers. If the state or corporations are handed all the power then the power is not in the hands of the workers

I can't understand why progressives can't understand these simple dynamics...They claim to be speaking from a moral high ground but all they are doing is making a case for slavery

If you don't want to be a slave (a helpless victim of a dominating influence) then you cannot agree to power being put into the hands of an all powerful authority. A slave is fed and a slave is housed and as long as a slave does what they are told they are not punished but they are still a slave because they have no freedom of choice and therefore they lose their human dignity. The technocracy that is being built by the oligarchic elites is designed to enslave the workers and deny them freedom of choice

So why would progressives agree to that? They are settling for slavery pure and simple and as this technocracy deepens this will become more and more painfully apparent to people. I just hope people realise all this before we pass a point of no return
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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