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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
come on man

the ultimate aim here is not to go to war with other factions of the public

the ultimate aim is that we destroy the false narratives of the elites so that we can all see how they are playing us and leading us all down the garden path

we don't need progressives to be our enemies. We need them to be our allies

we need them to start noticing how much pressure from above is being applied on society regarding aspects of the progressive agenda so that they can see that its all coming down from the very same oligarchic class who have been screwing the world up through neoliberalism and corporatism

Those very same elites are now trying to convince us that they are great guys who have suddenly decided to lead us all to some sort of technological utopia!

We need progressives to remember who these people are and the kinds of crimes they have been carrying out for centuries

They're not good people and they sure as hell aren't planning on taking us to any kind of utopia

since the 1990's the 'left' seems to have developed some sort of amnesia but it needs to remember that the goal was to shake the chains off the workers not help the oligarchs to wrap whole new ones around us!

Good points I guess but I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing. I am exasperated that seanx has anything to do with David Icke, let alone that the new forum has him involved. I am not seeing the connection to progressives.

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