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The Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: République démocratique du Congo), sometimes referred to as DR Congo, DRC, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Zaire, DROC,or RDC, is a country located in the African Great Lakes region of Central Africa.. It is the 2nd largest country in Africa by area and the 11th largest in the world.. With a population of over 75 million, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the 19th most populous nation in the world, the 4th most populous nation in Africa, as well as the most populous officially Francophone country..The country has access to the Ocean through a 40-kilometre (25 mi) stretch of Atlantic coastline at Muanda and the roughly 9 km wide mouth of the Congo River which opens into the Gulf of Guinea. It has the 2nd-highest total Christian population in Africa..The 2nd Congo War, beginning in 1998, devastated the country and is sometimes referred to as the "African world war" because it involved 9 African nations and 20 armed groups.. Despite the signing of peace accords in 2003, fighting continued in the east of the country in 2007. There, the prevalence of rape and other sexual violence has been described as the worst in the world.. The war is the world's deadliest conflict since the Chinese Civil War, killing 5.4 million people since 1998.. More than 90% were not killed in combat, dying instead from malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition, aggravated by displaced populations living in unsanitary and over-crowded conditions that lacked access to shelter, water, food and medicine.. 47 percent of those deaths were children under 5.. Even to this day the ongoing conflicts exacerbate the exhaustion of the country's great agricultural potential.. Conflict for control of the mineral wealth is behind some of the most violent atrocities...

The Republic of the Congo (French: République du Congo), sometimes referred to as Congo Republic or Congo-Brazzaville, is a country located in Central Africa. It is bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Angolan exclave of Cabinda..The Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão reached the mouth of the Congo in 1484.. Commercial relationships quickly grew up between the inland Bantu kingdoms and European merchants who traded various commodities, manufactured goods, and slaves captured from the hinterlands.. For centuries the Congo river delta served as a major commercial hub for transatlantic trade. However, direct European colonization of the area began in the late 19th century and eroded the power of the Bantu societies in the region..The Republic of the Congo received full independence from France on August 15, 1960. Fulbert Youlou ruled as the country's first president until labour elements and rival political parties instigated a three-day uprising that ousted him. The Congolese military took charge of the country briefly and installed a civilian provisional government headed by Alphonse Massamba-Débat..Congo-Brazzaville has had a multi-party political system since the early 1990s, although the system is heavily dominated by President Denis Sassou Nguesso; he has lacked serious competition in the presidential elections held under his rule. Sassou Nguesso is backed by his own Congolese Labour Party (French: Parti Congolais du Travail) as well as a range of smaller parties..Internationally, Sassou's regime has been hit by corruption revelations despite attempts to censor them.. One French investigation found over 110 bank accounts and dozens of lavish properties in France; Sassou denounced embezzlement investigations as "racist" and "colonial"...As of 2008, the main media are owned by the government but many more privately run forms of media are being created.. There is 1 government-owned television station and around 10 small private television channels..Congo is located in the central-western part of sub-Saharan Africa, along the Equator, lying between latitudes 4°N and 5°S, and longitudes 11° and 19°E..In 2006–07, researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society studied gorillas in heavily forested regions centered on the Ouesso district of the Sangha Region. They suggest a population on the order of 125,000 Western Lowland Gorillas, whose isolation from humans has been largely preserved by inhospitable swamps...

Congo is a 1980 science fiction novel by Michael Crichton.. The novel centers on an X=pedition searching for diamonds and investigating the mysterious deaths of a previous expedition in the dense rain forest of Congo..Ross and her team lose contact with the ERTS HQ due to a massive solar flare, then encounter the killer gorillas and are attacked. A brief battle ensues and several gorillas are killed. After studying the corpses and performing a rudimentary field autopsy, it is concluded the animals are not "true" gorillas by modern biological standards, but presumably a gorilla-chimpanzee or gorilla-human hybrid: their mass and height is closer to humans than gorillas, their skull is greatly malformed (the "ridge" that makes gorilla heads look "pointy" is nearly nonexistent) as well as their pigmentation is on the border of albinism: light gray fur and yellow eyes..VALENTINE follows Winthorpe to Ophelia's apartment,where Winthorpe attempts suicide by overdosing on pills. Valentine takes Winthorpe and Ophelia back to his place where a doctor saves his life. After Winthorpe recovers, Valentine and Coleman explain what happened to his life. They decide together to exact revenge on the Dukes, and are startled to find out that the Dukes have arranged to have their security expert Clarence Beeks steal a secret crop report for them. Winthorpe and Valentine recall large payments made to Beeks by Duke & Duke and realize that the Dukes are planning to obtain this report so they can CORNER the market on frozen orange juice..Valentine learns of Beeks' travel plans and the four board his train to switch the real crop report with a forgery. Beeks uncovers their scheme and attempts to kill them, but he is knocked out by a gorilla in a nearby cage..Bond infiltrates the circus, and finds that Orlov replaced the Soviet treasures with a nuclear warhead, primed to explode during the circus show at a US Air Force base in West Germany.. The explosion would trigger Europe into seeking disarmament, in the belief that the bomb was a US one that detonated by accident, leaving its borders open to Soviet invasion.. Bond takes Orlov's car, drives it along the train tracks and boards the moving circus train. Orlov is shot dead by GDR guards while trying to cross the border. Bond kills the twin knife-throwers, Mischka and Grischka, in revenge for 009's death, and, after falling from the train, commandeers a car, in order to get to the Air Force base...'re a virgin!..This is not the world John.. Just the edge of it..Listen to me ..A 230-pound virgin!. How many other white apes have you seen? You're like me, not them.. You have another family, far away, one you have never seen..Orangutan,Ma.. Clyde's a Sicilian orangutan..I don't know what the problem is, but I'm sure it can be solved...

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