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Originally Posted by skulb View Post
They`re murderers and thieves, not geniuses. If the drills had been a major issue in the MSM or in the debunker crowd I would agree with you and think it`d be really suspicious, but it isn`t. Apart from a very few early media reports like the ones I linked to they have hardly been mentioned at all, so it`s not as if this is something that`s been added to the narrative to cause discussion. It hasn`t caused any discussion. What settles it for me is that all "terrorist" attacks are accompanied by drills and you can look into them all one by one and you`ll find matching drills going on at the same time or in the case of Oslo in 2011 the morning before the event. Since 9/11 is an obvious false flag whichever way you approach it you would therefore expect to find drills going on and indeed there were. This is the final evidence needed when you come from the forensic angle and have seen all the suspicious stuff in New York and the Pentagon, because if you didn`t find drills there would be some chance it was a genuine "terrorist" attack, if such a thing even exists. That is why I consider the drills the proof of inside job; the final piece of the puzzle that moves it beyond doubt.
As for Wood and her claims I have no way to prove or disprove them, and although it`s possible she`s right I need some evidence that`s not ambiguous. Nano thermite produces rust and molten iron as its main byproduct. There was rust on the vehicles you mentioned and molten iron in the basement. There`s nothing there that disproves the hypothesis that nano thermite was used to demolish the towers. In fact, more or less all the evidence available supports this.
What you say about the drills during terror events is the exact point, the powers that be know that this has been noted by investigators, so to keep doing that is 'illogical'

How were cars charred half a mile away from the scene?

How can nano-enhanced thermite turn buildings to dust?
read the bit about starwars beams.
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