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Originally Posted by alljokesaside View Post
elements within every government of every nation of the world know that 9/11 was
an inside job. (and moreover know that it was mired in fakery, with a belgian politician
recently remarking (on the record on camera and in parliament) that 9/11 was 'made up'-
which it was, with fake video, witnesses, reporting, victims etc. (there are 1,200 bodies
completely unaccounted for from the twin towers rubble - consider they were not there
in the first place - consider also all the concurrent drills and exercises that day
to carry the illusion).
the fact that none have spoken out on this and simply allowed American and Britain (and others)
their middle eastern rampage speaks volume about the levels of control the world as a
whole is really under (the auspices of the Roman Empire).

(a thought just struck: what if the official 9/11 story (and all it's details) are simply
the played out 9/11 war-game scenario and not-real-world exercises final report or
outcome or fantasy assessment of this fantasy scenario that so many were engaged
in? it might be our mistake to take it as representing reality (remember there is no
legal obligation on the newsmedia (which they own) to report the truth).
if this was the case then you can be sure (they do rely on their legalese which
allows them to keep everything above board and in accordance with common or
natural law) that all the necessary paperwork detailing what is exactly the
real situation is in place and recorded and understood at the appropriate locations
and at the appropriate levels.
i believe private and legal arrangements were put in place seperately to take down
the towers efficiently, safely and without injury - all the victims were created or
generated identities for the purposes of the 9/11 war-game exercise).
Anything is possible I guess. At any rate the event was a carefully managed staged event whether the reported number of people died or not, and in that sense not real at all. Most drills take minor changes to turn them into live attacks and that is why they`re designed the way they are. The government wants the option to activate the drills for political purposes and it did just that on 9/11. For example most military drills has a fake enemy within the script but if the blue team is ordered to fire real bullets at the real strategic enemy instead of fake bullets at the red team you now have a war. If the red team is ordered to stand as close to the real strategic enemy as possible the change in the script is negligible.
An "anti terrorist" (terrorism is a tactic and having a war on terrorists is therefore as nonsensical as having one on flankers or infiltrators. Only idiots use this word without quotation marks.) drill will inevitably have a fake bomb or some other narrative device built into it during the design phase. By switching the fake bomb for a real bomb you have a "real" "terrorist" attack.
I think this is simple enough that we don`t really need to explore the angle that the entire thing was staged. Lots of people lost loved ones that day, which is why there are support groups and such for berieved 9/11 families. I have a hard time understanding how these people could be actors considering the energy they spent fighting the incompetence and corruption of the W regime. Some dead people make the impact of the synthetic "terrorism" event greater and therefore magnifies the political capital gained by the people responsible for the event.

The main reason I don`t bother with the claims about fake deaths is that they barely change the 9/11 event at all in my head so the benefit of clarifying this issue is very small indeed. It was fake fake fake, whether 3000 people died or 500 or nobody.

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