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Originally Posted by lizzy View Post
This is the info the Snowdon should have given the world - but THAT wasn't his job - to tell the world some REAL factual truths that might really wake the sleepers' up.
Well said. It`s the best proof that Both Snowden and Assange are NSA/CIA operations that they won`t touch 9/11 facts with a barge pole, and instead pretend the official tissue of lies is the truth, and slander the only sane people left in the world by calling us names. I think of them like intelligence pole dancers: `Just give me lots and lots of attention (stuff dollar bills down my underwear) and let me pretend to hide in a Latin American embassy, and I`ll give you some more doctored information from the CIA/NSA. Trust me!`
It`s all a laughable hoax.

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