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Originally Posted by lordreptoid View Post
I presented much of TAL's information to David Icke about the Basque race being primarily Rh negative (just like some other races, although less so) before "Children of the matrix" was published after our private meeting where David interviewed me about my encounters and research (1998) which I'd been speaking about publicly since 1987. Some of this data is correct, other parts less so (opinions). What's true is copper plays a role with Rh negative people and "blue bloods" of which there are millions upon the Earth scattered everywhere. Rh negatives are hybrids of a most reptilian variety and sometimes after being born do not even live because they cannot adapt to the Earthly atmosphere easily. The "Royal disease" is "Blue blood" related for this very same reason. Rh negative. UFO/ET contacts tend to happen mostly 95% with Rh negative bloodlines - so if you are Rh negative, keep your eyes on the skies, you could have some action in your future or past. Some Rh negatives are born with scales on their body or even a tail, this is true. Some have scales or a tail but are not Rh negative also, but this is more rare.

By request to my private in-box I can post TAL's data in de-tail here, just remind me of this page with a link if you really want the data in it's raw form sent to Icke long ago about these facts.


PS: Freckles (rather than tanning) are also a Rh negative trait not mentioned here yet from what I've seen. The "firey red head" reputation exists for a reason. Confidence and self-determination are their trade-mark also.

Really? I tend to tan and not get freckles.
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