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Some more Rh- connections to the physical human form for you, the rest you can read off the website itself as I don't want to flood this lovely thread with data that's already been out there for a while now. Enjoy... happy tails, er, trails.

The Saurian Race - Anthroposaurus sapiens discovered?

"...In 1898 two brothers said to be versed in desert antiquities found the fossilized remains of a female, who was seven and a half feet tall, in the same stratum as fossils of prehistoric camels and an elephant-like creature with four tusks. Fossils of palm trees, ferns and fish were also found. The curious thing about these human remains was that the female had a tail, having several extra vertebrae at the end of her spine. Our turn-of-the-century archaeologists surmised that Death Valley, where the fossils had been found, had once been on the continental shelf of the Pacific Ocean, and the fossilized lady's bones had been laid down at that time..."

"Some of the "aliens" could actually be subterrestrial descendants of the anthroposaurs."

"The "Nordics," sometimes seemingly the "enemies" of the gray and reptoid types, are often reported as working side-by-side with them in the underground facilities or labs, which recalls the fact that the some nagas were said to look "almost human," as well as the mercurial dispositions of the aristocratic or "Aryan" faeries, the light elves/de Danaan. Additionally, the apocryphal hybrid offspring of Nefilim and humans were described as having an extremely "nordic" or Aryan appearance, as described in The Book of Lamech, and the Slavonic Book of Enoch, and were also said to have a Reptilian patch of skin ("badge of priesthood") on their chests or elsewhere."

*covers his scales and smiles shyly*

Damn cell phones always spying on me when I'm communing with nature.
A lovely ex-girlfriend (artist) edited this nude photo of me to fully REPresent what others see when I'm astral. It's heavily pixelated for "effect". We're the only ones with the originals and it's staying that way. The detail is exquisite, wrapped to my physical form, no loss in natural shading of the sunlight upon my flesh. Thought some of you might get a kick out of this one.
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