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Originally Posted by mind1universe View Post

Eyes don't change colour.

They only appear to because different clothes bring out the exact colour you have in your eye. The iris has melanlin pigments to give your eye the colour it has. This is like been born with black hair. Your hair doesn't change colour when you put on a jumper for fuck sake.
Really? Are you sure about that? If we are all possibility, why is a change in eye color so impossible?

As a matter of fact, I have seen someone's eyes change colors with their mood. They went from a very dark blue, to a light bright blue. Sometimes, one would be light and the other dark, almost black.

NOTHING is impossible. Only when you BELIEVE it is.
I choose to live and to grow, take and give and to move, learn and love and to cry, kill and die and to be paranoid and to lie, hate and fear and to do what it takes to move through.
I choose to live and to lie, kill and give and to die, learn and love and to do what it takes to step through.
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