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Originally Posted by roastpotatoes View Post
I've just had a thought! Obama is coming over to support Cameron in his anti Brexit campaign. This seems counter to what I have just posted. I wonder where the Republicans stand on this issue? I haven't researched this yet. If both US parties want the UK to continue within the EU, somethings up! Do they know that the dollar may collapse which may be the start of a one world currency. I don't know, just speculating at this time.
It would be start for Amero. I don'tbelieve the world is ""ripe"" for one-world-currency.

The shadow ""Elite"" must first won all wars over world, impose cameras on every angle in the world, impose false security, and then, begin to introduce world currency. IMHO this leap would be too huge to perform.
Informal governance is more subtle and lasts longer than formal and structured one.
In informal governance, everybody within frame and determination of his knowledge and apprehension; thinks that he works
for himself and his idea.

Beyond that frame and determination he realy works for those who know
and comprehend better.
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