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Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
It didn't start in Peru, it started way back when he was a footballer in his 20s. He got arthritis and so he went to a spiritual healer to try and fix it. She started giving him all kinds of predictions about where he was going in his life and how he would write lots of books. He was gobsmacked. I think that was his initiation into New Age thinking. The arthritis wasn't fixed, so he became a football commentator on the BBC. He was also something (Chairman?) in the Green Party. I guess he was researching into all kinds of New Age things during that time. After that came the turquoise period (wearing turquoise apparently good for you spiritually) and then the Wogan interview came along and he made his beliefs public and started writing his books. Try The Truth Vibrations for one of the earliest books. He was one of the first to say our world would be changing, there would be floods, etc. It all came true.

(that was from memory)

Have a look at his Wiki page, much more there.

I wouldn't start with the Lion book, it's too negative with only a bit of positivity at the end. The latest book Perception Deception starts with the metaphysics and doesn't lower your vibes as much.


Thanks princessofwands, that was interesting. I will take your recommendation re: book, I will start with that one when I feel ready. Yeh, maybe best to not start with a negative, dont want to bog myself down on the first hurdle lol
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