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Re: CGI collapse footage
by simonshack on February 5th, 2016, 5:45 am


Let's start with the (in)famous ABC newsclip featuring Michelle Charlesworth "reporting from Westside Highway".

Please watch this short ABC clip featuring Michelle Charlesworth:
Note that: Michelle is meant to be standing there on Westside Highway at around 9:55 am - on September 11. 2001. She says she's been there since 30 minutes (just hanging around?). She also says that "about 45 minutes ago the city shut down the southbound lanes of Westside Highway, so that emergency crews only, firetrucks, NYPD trucks, could get down here."

At 5:10 into the clip, she also says that "people have been walking around here with their hands over their mouths [WHA-A-ATT? WHY SO? BECAUSE OF THAT SMOKE GUSHING OUT OF THE TOP FLOORS OF THE WTC???] - and screaming each other [sic] to try and borrow their cellphones, but there's no way to get away from here - because the bridges and tunnels have been closed... and they've been asking me whether or not the Hudson... or whether there was any way to get out of the city... and of course there's some concern as to what could be IN the smoke... that's the question most people have been asking me...WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE IN THE SMOKE? " ... etc etc.

Michelle's utterly senseless script is patently absurd - all by itself. Now, let's have a look at "Michelle's 9/11 imagery".

Michelle is obviously standing in a studio (as her audio's room-reverb / ambient quality indicates) in front of a 'greenscreen' projecting some pre-recorded Westside Highway imagery (with smoking WTC in the background). Now, you may ask - HOW can this be proved, scientifically?

Here's how: at some stage in Michelle's clip, two young guys walk by. Their shadows are far longer than themselves (by 60%):

The sun never lies. As it is (scientific fact!), on any September 11 morning (at 9:55am) in New York, the sun angle is at ca. 45°of elevation - meaning that ANY shadow of ANY object should only be as long / tall / large as the object itself. Please verify this for yourself. And YES, this is firm, scientific proof of the fakeness of the 9/11 broadcasts. Don't let the word 'scientific' put you off: REAL science - by REAL folks - is your friend. The sun is also your friend - and it NEVER lies.

"It is quite natural that we should adopt a defensive and negative attitude towards every new opinion concerning something on which we have already an opinion of our own. For it forces its way as an enemy into the previously closed system of our own convictions, shatters the calm of mind we have attained through this system, demands renewed efforts of us and declares our former efforts to have been in vain. A truth which retrieves us from error is consequently to be compared with a physic, as much for its bitter and repellent taste as for the fact that it takes effect not at the moment it is imbibed but only some time afterwards.

Thus, if we see the individual obstinately clinging to his errors, with the mass of men it is even worse: once they have acquired an opinion, experience and instruction can labor for centuries against it and labor in vain. So that there exist certain universally popular and firmly accredited errors which countless numbers contentedly repeat every day. Most of these are repeated parrot fashion without much thought being given to them and merely because when people first heard them said they found them very wise-sounding.

What the pathetic commonplace heads with which the world is crammed really lack are two closely related faculties: that of forming judgements and that of producing ideas of their own. But these are lacking to a degree which he who is not one of them cannot easily conceive, so that he cannot easily conceive the dolefulness of their existence. It is this deficiency, however, which explains on one hand the poverty of the scribbling which in all nations passes itself off to its contemporaries as their literature, and on the other the fate that overtakes true and genuine men who appear among such people. All genuine thought and art is to a certain extent an attempt to put big heads on small people: so it is no wonder the attempt does not always come off.

Intellect is a magnitude of intensity, not a magnitude of extension: which is why in this respect one man can confidently take on ten thousand and a thousand fools do not make one wise man."

~ Arthur Schopenhauer, "On Philosophy and the Intellect"

September Clues – (2008) – Simon Shack

September Clues II (Addendum) - (2013) – Simon Shack

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