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Some posts I made on a recent media-fakery-wise DIF thread:

September Clues - 2008 - Simon Shack


I have long revised my missile speculation - as presented in September Clues back in 2008. Please read this clarifying post of mine that I wrote in 2012 over at Cluesforum:

There was no need whatsoever for missiles (nor any other aircraft) striking the towers. The prefabricated "footage" aired on TV was amply sufficient to convince MOST people that some sort of airborne object MUST have crashed into the towers. The conflicting 'eyewitness testimonies' - diffused by the media (of whatever objects hit WTC1 and WTC2) - were just a clever distraction to sow confusion and misdirect folks like myself who doubted the official story.?

--- Simon Shack, September 2016
September Clues II (Addendum) - (2013) – Simon Shack
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