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Digital Face Swapping = Yes, boys and girls, there is no such thing as ANY IMAGE that can be trusted prior to full authentication by digital image expert analysts

Half of Anders Breivik's head missing from an image during the so-called Norway mass shootings trial. This kind of mistake or error can only happen with software used to fake imagery. No real video shot will have half a head missing in some frames, a leg missing in others, etc.

Great Analysis of the Psychology Behind 9-11 and all other Fear-&-Trauma-based PsyOps:

9-11 Controlled-Opposition Super-Shill Willie the Lying-Traitor "Boom" Rodriguez Exposed & Forced Back Into Hiding:

You will never see this fraud open his lying trap again in any uncensored public forum since he knows very well how many lies he's been caught spewing and how many people will come after him when he tries to pass off any of his old Alex Jones Show fairy tales off on Media-Fakery-Wise 9/11 Truthers well beyond his infant level of pathetic con-artistry.

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