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Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
Have you had your coffee yet? Chill, man...
Nah, you wasting ya time eh... so now, I'm mad!

Look you've basically quoted me & then reeled out a random spiel referring to "some entity" called "you" - which is obviously what people do when addressing someone...

Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
I did, honest.

All I am saying is that I don`t think we should hold a name change and a former job in the IRS against him. When I said "debunking" I was thinking about the thread you referred to in your post. My "do you hold that against him" comment was meant as a retorical questions, not a personal, finger pointing one.

In my defense, I was writing my post while dressing and eating breakfast so... sorry for any ones toes being stepped on
Here ya claim a question addressed to whoever / whatever with a reference of "you" was meant as a rhetorical question, do you even know the meaning of this??? if not;

Also, see how you can make the distinction in who or what you address by saying; "we"... - which is just one way you could've phrased it...

Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
I understood that, and as I said: I was referring to the thread that you linked to. Its not you or what you said. Its the whole thread that you linked to and the discussions therein that made me say that, and not your statements at all. Now can we go to the pub? I`m buying
Well it just wasn't clear was it??? - surely you could have phrased it differently??

Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
Dude, when using the word "you", it may imply a person or a group of persons, which may or may not include the one making the statement.

as in "you can never tell"...

Or maybe I am so screwed up I am getting it all wrong... Where is my coffee?
& now it's back to a person / persons or group or some shite, not an inanimate object; like an article... - yet apparently that;s what you were addressing???

I think you basically just heard something you didn't like / don't agree with & lashed out @ the person whom referred it...

Originally Posted by practicaltheorist View Post
UFO = equals "Unidentified Flying Object" Where does it say or even imply anything about aliens?

Also, the guy is always making fun of himself and his old job. He woke up to realize how meaningless it was and promptly quit.

For crying out loud, David Icke was a football reporter! Do you hold that against him?

Also, I forgot to mention the name change. If you had quit your job as an IRS agent, to talk about aliens and being an alien contactee, would you keep your real name? I sure as hell would not...

But when all this is said, nobody is forcing anyone to believe him. Its not a religion, Alex (I`m sure) is no saint and I for one is not going to evangelize. I just think that debunking1 someone should be done with proper substance and not on very very very weak indications.
Look it's a subtle thing & open to interpretation, granted; yet considering my position was made perfectly clear (I thought so anyway), there's no real reason to ask such inane questions directed @ "you", yet in relation to an article quoted... - who the fuck does that??? you could have quite easily simply quoted the article & cried out questions to lord about "you" holding Icke being a ex-BBC against him to your hearts content... - then how would that sound???

Well seemed like a bit of a run around to me!
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