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Originally Posted by bubblewrapped View Post
I have watched some more of the videos and I honestly believe these children are telling the truth. Its just when I read the written stuff, that's when I begin to wonder. I cant understand where all this knowledge of babies being brought in by TNT and DHL etc etc has come from. There are many strange parts to the written part of this. One way or the other, these kids have suffered immensely.
Its very difficult to get others to view or talk about this. I asked my wife to look but she refused. I tried to tell her what was going on, but we began to argue when I talked about McDonalds involvement...Extremely difficult to explain to others.
And this is why we need be cautious but that does not mean we should dismiss it out of hand as not true either.

As I stated earlier, these children have knowledege of things that they should not know at that age, and that is the most concerning thing to start off with and needs to be investigated, by professionals who will remain objective, but how that knowledge was obtained we do not yet know. It could be abuse plus embellishment or coaching of what to say.

Do I believe they have been abused? Possibly, based on the knowledge they have. I will not say yes at this stage because I do not know how that knowledge was acquired and until I do I would not want to accuse anybody who may be innocent at this stage.

Do I believe in the baby necklaces, blood drinking, beheadings and secret kitchens for cooking them in Mcdonalds? No I do not.
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