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Originally Posted by gargoyle View Post
Clearly some people don't want to have their version of reality questioned.
True. But what is the reality of this story? We do not know that yet. Believing 100% every word the children and mother have claimed as opposed to waiting to see if there is more to the story in case all it not as portrayed, doesn't make me or others who are only saying just be cautious a shill or a pedo protector. It just means we are capable of accepting we are wrong if it turns out that the story is true but can 100% believers say the same if the story turns out to be false?

See, today there has now been reported a new thing happened. If that was really the father posting, then perhaps you will get to hear another side of this story.

Can anyone confirm if the boyfriend really has fled the country as alledged? Perhaps it was the boyfriend who abused them and made them tell those stories (by scaring them by doing things like hitting them on the head with a spoon for example). Maybe that explains how his phone which was alledged to be stolen (I note it was not mentioned if it had been returned) had indecent videos of the children on it. It is just one possible scenario.

Time will tell what the real truth of this story is.
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