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The Father, Ricky Dearman has just posted on the video himself:


I am the father (real father) of the children in these videos.

Not the boyfriend who has fled the country!

My name, as some have point out is Ricky Dearman.

The first 2 things I want to say;

1 – Thank you to everyone for your concerns regarding my children, as I am deeply touch, be it negativity towards me somewhat.

2 – I say Thank You, but I also want to say sorry that you have had big hearts having gone through some turmoil while listening to my children on these videos.

Sadly, I am limited to what I can say for legal reasons, at this point! I wished that I could tell you everything I know, because you think that you Guys are angry…well you have no idea what I am sitting on and having to keep inside of me right now!!!

I feel like a 1,000,000 volcano’s about to erupt! You have no idea!!

That said, I want you to know that I am completely innocent of any wrong doing in this! Completely Innocent.

Some have mentioned that the children have been coached to say what they have said? You have no idea and again, I cannot say at this point. These sick Fcuks, and I cannot even tell you who yet. But I promise, you will know the outcome.

You may have questions, as I still do, but I will not be able to answer yet, but as soon as I am legally able, I shall let you know.

I want to thank you again for your concerns and support. This has and is a difficult time for all involved mostly my children.

Best Regards

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