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I'm suprised if this REALLY came from CNN, I've posted to TPV, the link of UK gov desire to have the means to censor, at will, any free-speech they [or TPTB ] deem " Unsavoury ".

On the question of PUBLIC displayed info, best to access your FB, modify ALL data possible, {they don't allow erasure, and you can bet your bottom dollar, the stock the modifications as well ! **, and then delete the account: another thing folks, get a good ext memory like 500 GB solid drive, and retain ALL YT or other you like, 'cos, if TPTB don't like it, then, tomorrow, it's gone forever...............

closing, it's a shame all these wonderful people don't come together and form a sort of Anti-illuminati Think-Tank..... Imagine David [Icke, Lim], Rosalind Peterson, Brian Gerrish, Louise Hay, Roger Hayes, and such people working on ONE UNITED PLATFORM ! Meanwhile, massage the Grey Matter ! !

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