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Originally Posted by screamingeagle View Post
reading coments under the last video......
people asking from where people like her are coming

and when you tell them its all prepland ,staged and that the source of their brainwashing is the same......they call you
when i used to speak about things like 911 truth 10 years ago i was called a 'conspiracy theorist' and a 'tin foil hat nutjob' and all those kinds of things

Now when i debate those same people they don't call me those things. It's like they know that the conspiracy is true but what i'm finding is that they are STILL disagreeing with me!

It doesn't matter how much information i share with them to prove my point they continue to argue with me

This has brought me to a disturbing realisation. Many people are supporting the conspiracy for various reasons

For example there is now a lot of race-based-hate in the west where the marxists have painted a big target on the back of white men. This means that anything that is perceived to hurt white people eg autism from vaccines, austerity from central banking, terror attacks like 911, mass immigration etc etc are all CHEERED by these people just like that lady is doing in that clip

There are also many white leftists who hate white society and are angry for various reasons. Some feel they are unable to achieve in that society for example there are now many disgruntled young people who went to university and got themselves into a lot of student debt and chose to study a neo-marxist subject like 'womens studies' or something and they are now finding that it did not fit them for the world of employment so they have spent a whole load of money on something that is absolutely useless in terms of becoming a useful contributer to society and in gaining gainful employment

So there are lots of angry people around these days and also more and more poverty and poor people will more willingly accept any regressive society if it initially offers them free stuff

This then gets us into a destructive spiral where the more poor and angry people the left can flood into the west the more people there will be willing to accept a technocracy which will ultimately enslave us

This demographic war is about tipping the balance away from responsible citizens able to contribute and build a stable society towards a a society where the majority are poor, disgruntled and crying out for state dependency

The left therefore is waging war against stable families of working people because those people are not dependent on the state and the technocracy wants everyone to be a helpless slave of the state
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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