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Funny, I haven't got a reply yet!

Never give that type of 'journalist', for want of a better word, ammunition with which to provoke a reply....namely, lizards.

The lizard issue is very important, but the word lizard is misleading. Reptilian 'like' is also used and is a better description of these entities.

If you look at UFO history and many of the abduction cases, inc. Betty and Barney Hill, the star system Zeta Reticuli is often mentioned as a home of such creatures. Again, David Icke's assertion that they are operating just beyond our senses cannot be ignored. This would certainly go over the head of the fat twat from the Independent--who has no sense to go beyond!

There is much more to this though, all I can say to everyone who is a skeptic or whatever is RESEARCH the subject.
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