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Originally Posted by alohanui View Post
Where’s the kindness and compassion?

The intensity of the attacks in the forum between people of different opinions frequently takes me aback - there doesn’t seem to be much kindness or compassion.

Points of view differ. Of course they do. Homogenity of opinion with everyone obediently toeing a certain line isn’t what I’m looking for, though.

Granted, any group of people is going to inevitably be at all different levels of maturity and consciousness, and members of a forum are no exception.

But I came to this forum expecting a lot fewer people trapped in ego consciousness, because I presumed everyone would be at least familiar with Icke’s work on consciousness, how we are all one, how each of us is the Infinite experiencing itself as Bob Jones for the moment. How ‘infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion.’

Turns out that ain’t so. Poster X ridicules poster Z just as though That Which Is The Ground Of Being didn’t also look out through Z’s eyes every bit as much as X’s own.

I know there isn’t much mods can do about this in the same way they -can- do something about the currently acceptable bigotry issue I outline in the first post, but I do like and appreciate the fact that they do move threads that have turned into outright slugfests into the time-out room known as the Rant Room.

Next up: How come it’s ‘uncool’ to like Icke?
I think that sites like this will attract not only trolls but also people with certain agendas

A huge amount of government money is spent on 'cyberwarfare' which includes managing the perceptions of the public to make them believe the official narrative

For every genuine truth seeker on here sharing a bit of info they have found i would expect there to be one person lying either because they have an agenda (due to a group they might be invested in), they are a paid shill, or they are ignorant of a certain area of the conspiracy and are not assimilating that information easily

One government trouble maker can also use multiple usernames to increase the disruption they cause

They probably work in shifts around the clock
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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