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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
wow, they were using sonic gun back in 2004?

Tell me seems rather powerful binocular if it can really produce such rays....
These sonic gun binoculars were being sold on black market from american military in 1980's.

They became famous for being used on horse racing. They were being sold on black market in 1980's at around 50,000 dollars. They came originally from american military intended for war weapons, to mess with enemy.

These are war weapons, that were developed as non lethel weapons in war.

But big teams like england have been using them for ages.

Today all teams in world cup knows about this but back in 2004, the vast majority of smaller teams would not have.

You only need very small amounts of the right types of energy to mess with the human body and mind, and such things as american military research labs, must of developed many disabling weapons.

The biggest trick in football is, to microwave the opposition dressing room, and then use sonic gun binoculars on players in match, to limit there ability to perform, as in the video here, with what england were doing to zidane.

Very small amounts of energy can affect humans, it just takes the right kind.

The english team, absolutely destroyed the tunisia goalie with weapons, he had to be taken off. The english tactics was to use these weapons on the goalie, while england start the game pumped up, trying to get fast goals.

You see the small teams are not ready for this.
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So true

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