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The english are the biggest cheats in football, and thankfully everyone knows there cheating ways.

In this game in 2004, england were using there typical sonic gun binoculars on the opposition, and you will see zidane vomit before taking his penalty in last minute.

The reason why sonic gun binoculars are used with microwave weapons to damage the opposition players.

For people that do not know sonic gun binoculars used by teams like england, it scrambles your brains, and makes you feel like when your very drunk, and this would of been why in this game in 2004, zidane vomited before taking that pen.

Some english person would of been using these techs, in either binoculars or cameras, and aiming it at players.

This is englands tactics, but thankfully teams all know these tactics today, so it makes it alot harder for cheating teams like england to do it.

If you just watched belgium vs tunisia, you will see what a real football match should be like, ie teams just playing, and letting each other play. Very entertaining.

So you if you know nout about football, should appreciate how far big teams go, but thankfully all teams know about this today.

The england team is the biggest cheats at these tournaments, but thankfully all other teams, know these tactics of england today.
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So true

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