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Originally Posted by itam37 View Post
as i understood from my own experience...i was born without a soul...i gained it just a month ago and i am 48.
the meaning of the life here is to create a soul within you and protect it from dismantling by
various dangerous ways of society
people without soul will return to this world over and over, until they gain a soul and are able to leave this world for the better
consciousness is being a self aware and this remains even after death---but the ticket to freedom is having a soul
to gain a soul dose not make life easier, at the contrary,it makes painful to live in this world..
but also it is an opportunity to feel sometimes unearthly joy in this sorrowful world
these are my thoughts by this moment of time
Your're not gaining a soul. You're gaining knowledge of yourself. And if you leave this world, where do you go? Please, describe this other world to us.

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