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Originally Posted by celtic isis View Post
my aunt went to see colin fry only a month ago up in birmingham. she and i were "hoping", as you can imagine, to get a message from my mam who passed away a year ago...but there were about 2 thousand people there my aunt said, and well no messages, i think it's all a con myself.

Colin fry makes business, just like the majority of them. They sell their beautiful gift to the devil. lol a figure of speech, i don't mean it literally...

but in fairness, if colin was true, he'd be happy enough to use his gift to make an honest living, but primarily to help people.

From what i know about him so far it doesn't look that way to me.

How are you supposed to channel so many spirits trying to send messages to their loved ones in an audience of 2 thousand people or more? It's not possible.

he could give private readings and not get hyped up in the media swooning over him, just making money out of him...but he does it himself too, like prostitutes himself lol he's not innocent being swindled cause of his "gift".

my aunt really liked him and was so disappointed.
I went to see him the same time as you in birmingam i didnt get a message and the people that did i would of gave him 1 out of 10. He eard £23000 that night He as been caught as a fraud before then changed hes name to colin fry
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