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Kind of along the same train of thought like the particle that is also a wave moving through a graphene sheet, I think in a nut shell description, what David is saying is that the space is alive that is to say, the space is just space until you look at it with expectation and then you find that it is consciousness also. So the space is not just empty space its alive, its responsive. It can be both empty and alive and filled with life and matter at the same time. So the daughter was both there and not there at the same time because the space is alive and responsive and gives back what it is that you expect to see!

So all things here are here for no other reason than the fact that we expect it to be there and if we could with enough certainty convince ourselves that it is not there, it would not be there any longer.

This is the theory. I would not hold my breath to prove it though. I have been trying with certainty to convince myself that there is a stack of gold bars three feet high by four feet by four feet wide and deep laying on the floor in the corner over there in my shop but there are no gold bars there!!!
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