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Originally Posted by phantomself2017 View Post
2 things he said that i am puzzled about .

one was in his book phantomself, he spoke of a hypnotist that hypnotized this man to not be able to see his daughter... when he did it, he held a piece of paper behind the daughters back, and the father was able to read the paper because he couldn't see the daughter...

has anyone ever seen any evidence of this? can someone do it? because it would blow the matrix wide open if someone could demonstrate this ON camera.... why hasnt it been done?

secondly , he says in many of his talks about walking over hot coals because reality is not being decoded properly.. again, if this was actually true, then it would be true for ALL substance and not just hot coal.. so, acid, maybe... why hasn't this ever been demonstrated? the only reason we walk over hot coal is because it doesn't burn us straight away, so moving over it quickly wont cause damage... but if davids explanation is right, then why hasn't any demonstrated this?
I listened to that broadcast yesterday and it was a watch that was held behind the daughter and the man could tell the hypnotist what time it was and about the hot coals, that has been done before by monks in a monastery. But, I do not think that today's minds can duplicate something so useless. Just like it can't be duplicated somebody walking on water. That is for obvious reasons.
But, there is a difference between the camera and the eye. David was talking about the atom being 99.999..% space and he said, 'Well, that is 100% to me.' Anyway, a camera pictures things as they appear. Besides, there is an extra medium with the camera. The actual photo that stops everything at a tenth of a second point, or whatever. My question is, 'If the atom is continually switching from this existence to some other existence, why hasn't a camera caught that?' Another thing David talked about having to do with the camera was photographs of the universe with the galaxies. He said, 'On photos, they appear just centimeters away from each other. And actually they are not.' Back to the eye.
You actually do not see things as they are. In the visual cortex of the brain, everything you are looking at is backwards and upside down. That gets into my hypothesis that we are on the event horizon of a black hole. The habitable zone that this earth revolves in around the sun is the event horizon. Thoughts are flashing in my brain now. The asteroid belts are the material that has fallen over the event horizon of the black hole.
What we see when we look at a photo of the universe is inside the black hole and everything that we see is on the event horizon or beyond. The farther out in space we go, the farther from any type of life we go and we cannot survive out in space which is an ether of pure Hydrogen. But, maybe we can invent something to 'forever' create oxygen. In outer space, there is no anti . . . In other words, there is no anti-Hydrogen, there is Helium.

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