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Originally Posted by phantomself2017 View Post
2 things he said that i am puzzled about .

one was in his book phantomself, he spoke of a hypnotist that hypnotized this man to not be able to see his daughter... when he did it, he held a piece of paper behind the daughters back, and the father was able to read the paper because he couldn't see the daughter...

has anyone ever seen any evidence of this? can someone do it? because it would blow the matrix wide open if someone could demonstrate this ON camera.... why hasnt it been done?
That incident has been covered in this video don't ask me where exactly It was an unsubstantiated story and no hypnotist has been able to duplicate it.

Originally Posted by phantomself2017 View Post
secondly , he says in many of his talks about walking over hot coals because reality is not being decoded properly.. again, if this was actually true, then it would be true for ALL substance and not just hot coal.. so, acid, maybe... why hasn't this ever been demonstrated? the only reason we walk over hot coal is because it doesn't burn us straight away, so moving over it quickly wont cause damage... but if davids explanation is right, then why hasn't any demonstrated this?
Walking over hot coals is a fairly common feat , your explanation is probably correct.
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