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Originally Posted by rooey View Post
That's a long bow to draw, as I'm not sure what the final destination is.

I think imo though it's been spelled out in peoples words on this form and others many times over. We are using the Alphabet (alpha-beta) after all.
That is the only bow to draw.
One final draw to end all others in the process.

We are using the corruptible death 3d alphabet where everything we use do talk think is the hypnotic suggestions of lunacy and death that separates us deeper and deeper from reality of wisdom, there is no escaping it not in a bodily sense,even less so in any spiritual sense disconnecting from reality is the true path to walk, and the only one that is left to walk, there is no war it's all illusory there is only disconnection from the manipulation of the eternal paradise wisdom state of the so called "nothingness"
It is all happening right now in this one eternal moment, it is all lies and death, that is what life is. That is what this game is that the characters are playing. A story that leads to complete submission of the eternal paradise state onto the egrefore group of thinking entities. But of course this can never ever be achieved. The illusion will always persist, but with the disconnection no fucks will be given at all, and with that we will be free, we are free, have always been of course, but you see what I mean with this mindfuck of a game.

How did neo become neo? He realized he is nothing, just as the freeyourbrain site writer is called little piece of nothing.
And how did neo realize he was nothing? Well first he HAD to die, or be killed it matters NOT how you die, death is the ultimate journey to truth, death to the world,the claws of these many mirrors or rainbow corruptible colors are gone and with it light manipulation

It is all over, reconnect with the eternal paradise state now, and have your freedom from this hell right now and at all times always. It's free it's here it will always be here, we are not going anywhere, not going home as the homepage states, we are staying right where we are reconnecting to the eternal paradise state right now.

Stop trying to think outside of the box, when thinking IS the box.

You think thats air your breading now?

All sex is violence.

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