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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Anyway, as for this world being it holographic and we must change ourselves in order to change out there to be peaceful... I get that we musn't be them (the elites who is waging wars) but at the same time, we must stand our ground to say, enough is enough and resist. That is a fight on its own I'd say.
We need to play our own game by being creative. They are expecting certain reaction. When you can use your creative mind and go out of the stadium and come back in with a different game to pull the rug under their feet...their plan is twarted.
Just to elaborate how I play my own game...
Been fighting with the Council and they are giving me run around of the usual "We care.... there is no foul play here etc" If you imagine the kind of BS Grenfell survivors have received.... you are there. So in my communication, I dig and ask question and let them come up with their own BS explanation and I use it against them till they can find no corner to hide. Basically, each BS replies I get, they are digging their own hole deeper to the point that they can't come out. Of course it only works when it is utter BS.
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