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Originally Posted by abrilliantone View Post
Well that's kinda hard when you've been conditioned (since birth) to love, trust, and obey. Your government, authority figures, leaders, etc. For most people, when they hear anything attacking their belief system. They don't want to hear it. They will not wrap their heads around it. They have chosen to believe the lies that they have been told. That is their truth and nothing else is even remotely possible.
That's very true, but some of those people may revisit that question when something happens in their life that rekindles that question in their memory - it may be days, weeks or months later, but they may start to question things in a very limited manner, which will get the ball rolling. Often at a very slow pace. You can do no more than sow the seeds, the rest is up to them.
The truth is so far away from what they have been told/believe, that it would prove much too incomprehensible anyway.
Unfortunately, there does seem to be a hardcore of "lost" individuals whose rolling ball will fall into a sewer, never to be seen again.

Thanks for the video els!

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