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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Quite so. "The Player Piano" an earlier and lesser known novel (1952) by Kurt Vonnegut, forsees the age of Robotopia probably moreso than Huxley, with the human population having little else to do other than walking about with their hands in their pockets (even the pub piano is a robot). Science fiction, but not much fiction in it at all now. The world is divided between a robot manufacturing elite multinational corporation and a jobless social diaspora with nothing but time on their hands.
well lets throw a further factor into that equation which is that the elite are arguing for population reduction and that they are working on all kinds of nasty tech that can achieve that and that they have supported the eugenics movement since it began

Lets then consider that the robot manufacturing elite multinational corporation does not intend to leave the jobless social diaspora alone but instead intends to genocide it
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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