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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
I was blaming Nixon, It was him that took us full off the gold standard and helped create the petro dollar and bloated the bond/slave markets...Which is why the people are screwed , nothing to do with hippies.

People were standing against the authorities possibly more in the 60s, they had an anti war movement and larger mobilisations against tptb than now..And were more active in dropping out and going off grid and getting spiritual...A kind of trend than never went away..
But hey ho , lets pray the spirit of peace and love doesnt go away...
well as you and i both know these guys like nixon are just puppets of the oligarchs

so it was the oligarchs who took us off the gold standard and that is why the FBI say that anyone who says the US should not have gone off the gold standard is an 'extremist'!!!

but it wasn't just was a progression which you can trace back to the creation of the federal reserve in 1913 (and even back further than that)

Its been a struggle over the money supply and once the oligarchs had that they then dergulated the system so that they could get rid of for example the glass-steagal act thereby enabling them to get their grubby paws on depository banks

Also deregulation enabled them to create derivatives and financialise everything

so they have followed a step by step process which has enabled them to grab more and more of the wealth and also the political power that wealth brings

concerning the 'spiritual' awakening you refer to i think a lot of it is the new age psyops where people are encouraged to not face the 'negatives' and to naval gaze instead of getting their head in the game and pro-actively seeking to be the change they want to be in the world

most of the new age is about telling people that they don't need to do anything!
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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