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I don't side with politicians vancity...i don't trust any of them

I do however understand the hopes and fears of trump supporters and i have in the build upto this election tried to explain what those are

I do also understand the hopes and fears of people who support some 'liberal' movements eg BLM but i just never thought that hilary and the fake-left were the correct way to resolve those problems

greater prosperity is the solution to those problems and i do not trust the fake-left to provide that

I see the 'left' and the 'right' of the two party system to be two masks on the same face so i'm not saying i trusted the right either

I just don't like to see people who have realised that the system is basically run by corporate fascists then swing to the left only to fall into the arms of the other wing of the NWO ie the fake left which is ALSO controlled by the oligarchs

The solution will not lie in trump. Unfortunately the solution is going to lie in something far more challenging and that is in individuals taking PERSONAL RESPONSBILITY and the truth is that the public have been conditioned from birth not to do that; instead they are programmed to put all responsiblity in the hands of politicians and the system

The politicians, in my experience, have all shown themselves to be system servers and that is why i am wary of trump as you are
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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