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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
You really seem to have a lot of optimism.
or is it desperation!

NATO are currently building up troops on the russian border

i live in the UK which is under the umbrella of the US nuclear missile defence system. we debate here in the UK over whether or not to spend money that should go on hospitals and schools on upgrading the trident nuclear missile defence system so that we can continue to be a forward missile base of the US. The US control our missiles not us

This puts us on the front line of the nuclear war. We are a small island that would not survive a russian counter strike to the zionist empire.....we'd be toast

so i don't mind admitting to you that clintons rhetoric against russia as well as the way that the DNC has blamed russia for all of its problems whilst in the background NATO upped its aggressions towards russia was alarming to me

My other big concern has been the coming economic collapse which i believe the NWO el-ite will use to justify a more globalised currency which they have prepared already in the IMF's 'special drawing rights'

so those are two of the big areas i always keep an eye on. Trump and brexit are potentially disruptive to NATO war mongering and if we can kick trident out of scotland that would be further disruption to any plans by the deep state to try and beat russia through a first strike move

I'm tired of watching the NWO empire using US military might to bully the world and i'm tired of living under the shadow of nuclear war

The other litmus test to guage trumps legitimacy would be whether or not he stops all the trade agreements like TTIP, TTP etc which are handing more powers to the corporate network and shifting power away from democratically elected governments and into the hands of the corporations (which are owned and controlled by the NWO oligarchs)
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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