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Joanofarc ate peaches after devouring half an ommelette.

Cosmic had two slices of toast with cheese and bacon.

Joanofarc lives with 4 dogs and 2 cats. One of them is called Tipsy. (Bear with me, I am taking your advice and writing whatever comes into my head, with no censorship or filtering!) A neighbour has been irritating your recently and your kettle isn't working right. You like sheep and goats. Oh, you had a turtle when you were a child, and his name was Jip. (I just wrote wtf was in my head! )

Cosmic you've got some leg trouble. haha, I know that from another thread. Damn, this is a bit challenging. Ok.... your loo roll needs replacing, someone is smoking near you, there are doves or pigeons outside your window (because we talked of birds the other day?), your ironing is waiting to be done, a friend has promised to visit you this Saturday, and there is a woman with a pink handbag holding a phone.

There you both go. Happy now?
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