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Default Massive Geoengineering Attack - North West UK, 17 & 18/05/18

Two massive geoengineering attacks over the NorthWest UK over the last 2 days of the 17th and 18th May, I've not seen anything quite like this for some time, a sustained attack from dawn right through to dusk yesterday and they've been at it since dawn this morning and is ongoing as I write...

17/05/18 Geoengineering Attack - North West UK

18/05/18 Geoengineeering attack - North West UK

I discussed this with someone yesterday and they suggested it might have something to do with ensuring the weather is hot and sunny in London tomorrow for the royal wedding which I guess might be a fair shout, be interesting to see if there's any chemtrailing at all in the London area on Saturday or if it's a cloud-free, hot sunny day?

Anyone else notice heavy chemtrailing or strange things happening in the skies elsewhere in the UK over the last couple of days?

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