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I see this a little bit differently to the SHTF scenario. Who is this guy? An IMF 'advisor'. That must be an easy job. What do you recommend that we do Mr. Advisor? Well, all you ever do is going into countries that are broke and fuck them over, so why don't you do that? Thanks for the advice. I would see it as pretty natural for him to be stirring up shit, because that's what the IMF do. I believe, and I may be wrong, that this is more about getting nations to accept the IMF's intervention, and discouraging them from defaulting on their debts, which is what they should do.

Also, according to the description on the Youtube video this is Robert Shapiro speaking (although I must say, it looks nothing like him). I know the name Shapiro, because when I was writing my book it kept cropping up. This is the guy who was the CEO of Monsanto, who actually coined the trade name 'Nutrasweet', and had very close ties to Clinton. He is not to be trusted (assuming that it's him, although in my view he looks nothing like the Robert Shapiro I've seen speaking before).
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Europe is dependent on Russian GAS not oil. There are many other major oil producers, including the UK. See list of top 20 oil producers -

However you are right in that Russia the 2nd largest oil producer. So why would Russia cut its own income by refusing to ship oil to Europe when Europeans can go elsewhere for it?
It's both. Most of the Russian oil is exported to the European market. If you look at this link:

31% of the oil imported into Europe comes from Russia. It has a market value of $28,541,858,000. I was actually wrong to say that Russia is the second biggest exporter, I had forgotten that it has overtaken Saudi Arabia.

It's not so much that Russia would cut its own income, it's more that it will be in a powerful position if European currencies inflate rapidly; ie. they have something that the West desperately wants, and the West will have little of value to offer in exchange. They would undoubtedly take advantage of this situation. The BRIC nations, particularly China, are constantly calling for themselves to lead the IMF and other international financial institutions, they may use the situation to force something of this nature. I have no idea what would happen, but in the UK, for example, we import vast amounts of food, we need oil to keep the industrial production system churning. Britain doesn't actually import from Russia, as far as I know, but these are some of the concerns that we would face.

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