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Originally Posted by 07august View Post

Where are the 9/11 Victims?
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Wikileaks Exposes 9/11 Conspirators!!!
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I admit that you have me thinking along these lines now.

Q: What do we really "know" about 9-11?
A: Only what we were shown or told by the media. If you (and I mean any individual) were not there to witness it yourself, or have not viewed an undoctored video of the event, then you really don't know anything about it. If you believe the media is a part of the cover up, then of course they would lead you to believe things that were totally false.

It remains to be proven to me whether there were actually planes or not or whether the buildings were vacant or not, but the fact is that unless you were there or viewed undoctored video, then we don't know anything for sure.

I did see a video on YouTube that I believe to be authentic just after one of the planes supposedly hit one of the buildings and the fireball is seen but there is no plane seen. A newscaster who was looking right at the building at the time of the "impact" saw the fireball but no plane. Go look for this video and you will see for yourself. This implies that there was no planes at all, and the planes were added to footage afterwards as special effects. This MAY be true.
Lies are weapons that they use against us. Belief in those lies are the chains they use to bind us. This includes Fear. Knowledge is the key to unlocking those chains and is also a shield that makes their weapons useless.

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