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Originally Posted by 07august View Post
I will look up the people you say died in the Social Security Death list. I bet they are NOT in the list.

It has already been proven there were no planes of 911. Give it up. You are a paid perp.

Gerard Holmgren

No evidence of plane remains, no blackboxes, no seats, etc. = no planes.
As for witch rituals, ask your posting buddies, or is that why you are posting: barter to learn more sorcery? If you read, you might learn something. The rituals are what are secret to the witches.
I never thought I would be saying this, but I agree with you about something. That first link you posted in bold leads to a page that I agree with its content. I agree this is what happened, but what seems so bizarre and unexplainable is how and why? How can you explain so many people willingly being part of the cover up? I don't believe in witches like you do but I suspect 9-11 is Satanic in origin. Its the most logical explanation for it to happen the way it did in light of the mass cover up by so many people. This is not sarcasm, so please don't take it that way. This is what I really believe.
Lies are weapons that they use against us. Belief in those lies are the chains they use to bind us. This includes Fear. Knowledge is the key to unlocking those chains and is also a shield that makes their weapons useless.

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