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Originally Posted by dannyuk View Post

Oil (Resources) + Regime Changes = Influence for a New World Order
The only thing keeping this alive is the engineering of consent.

Enough people need to refuse these plans for a NWO then that influence is not control.
Their Control is an illusion and only possible when you accept that influence as control, or believe their plans to be your own ideas and desires...
That’s why they need a deception so you’ll comply.
That’s why they gave you Donald Trump...

The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives.
Destroy the image and you will break the enemy...
Redford was also in "All the President's Men" about Watergate. I think there was a time that he may have been considered for a role in politics, a future President Redford.

The illusion of Donald Trump isn't a very good one, but they've been quietly building him up since the 1980's, he was always asked on talk shows when he was going to run, like it was an inevitable thing. The Simpson's episode which was recreated during his campaign was a bit much, but that's how predictive programming is -- once you know what it is.
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