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Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
They have this game fortunately that they can control anyone and they attack continually until someone knuckles to their will. Once they start playing on someone they are hooked and can't kill this person. Remember the post why hasn't the reptilians have David killed? Because he is a game piece. He does not fall to temptations. He fights fair and investigates. He never stops fighting. They can hold in contempt every person that can be coerced as failure of the human species but, David Icke is proof of their own failure as long as he resists them.
That's so true. If they are hooked, why would they kill to finish their 'enjoyment' or supply of their energy produced by worry, anger etc etc?

But there is pain spot exist in opposite team.
Hit it hard right there and they'll stop. I found out that soft approach never stops narc or psychopaths. Trust me I've been there and I am ready to hit it hard if they ever again and I don't care if they end up licking the wound. Remember, if you are on a mission and if someone is trying to drag you down, it is your responsibility to stick to your mission. If anybody come against you to stop your mission, you need to deal with it and not let them carry on. No authority will help you so you need to take it into your own hands. Basically, this is a power struggle and hopefully if you remember who you are you are powerful!!
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