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The Russian Mafia - the REAL Trump-Russia scandal
By Jamie Busby
5 hours ago
US News Guest Content

When people talk of the "Mafia", most tend to think of the Sicilian or Italian variant. They have been extensively covered by the movie and media industries, particularly since the emergence and rise to power of the Mafia in the 1920's during Prohibition.

Another name for them is "[La] Cosa Nostra". This translates simply as "Our Thing" and is what they have called themselves since their inception in early 19th century Sicily.

However, a far more powerful "Mafia" has existed alongside the Sicilian Mafia and has risen to prominence since the 1970's in particular; The "Kosher Nostra".

This is more of a nickname for the Russian Mafia and as the moniker suggests, it's because the Russian Mafia is in fact comprised mainly of Jewish gangsters. They have controlled most of the world's major organised crime for several decades and are also bigger, stronger and more dangerous than any of the other so-called Mafia groups.

The Zionist Mafia have slipped under the radar somewhat, despite the global extent and enormity of their criminal enterprises. All the major law enforcement agencies in the world seem to be ignoring them so I felt they needed closer scrutiny to see what they've been up to.

Where to begin?...

In 2002, Russian General Alexander Lebed was killed in a helicopter crash in Siberia. The weather was blamed but the Russian Military knew this was another "hit" by what they call the International Jewish Mafia. They already had a vice-like grip on Russia's economy.

Lebed was a known Nationalist. The Zionist Mafia knew that he was extremely popular and did not want him gaining power, he could have possibly become the next Russian President. In the years before the fateful helicopter crash that killed Lebed, literally dozens of anti-Zionists in Russia had been murdered with not ONE single case being solved.

This Zionist Mafia are different to any of their other Mafia counterparts around the world. They have far more money, they operate on a global stage and are more brutal and violent than any other crime group. They are prepared to kill men, women and children; No-one is off-limits.

The main person to lift the lid on the Russian/Jewish/Zionist Mafia was a journalist called Robert I. Friedman. The subject was his passion and he wrote what is considered by many to be the bible on the Russian Mafia; "Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob has Invaded America" - The book is also a source for this article.

Unfortunately, Robert Friedman died in 2002 of "a tropical disease". He was only 51. He had previously been on the receiving end of many death threats and also had a bounty on his head, put their by Zionist Mafia bosses because of his work exposing them.

Friedman was not afraid of these threats however. To the contrary, he stated that the entirety of the "Russian" Mafia were Jewish and they used this to avoid condemnation. Friedman also stated that Jewish organisations the world over have knowingly benefited from their mass organised crime, in particular the Anti-Defamation League.

This fact has also helped the Zionist Mafia avoid investigation as certain Jewish organisations would campaign on their behalf, usually with great success.

The roots of the Zionist Mafia go back to the Soviet revolution in 1917 which involved many prominent Jews. The Bolsheviks are now thought to have been the beginnings of Jewish organised crime on a grand scale. By the 1970's, the Russian black market basically propped up the Russian economy and this was all controlled at the top by the Jewish Mafia.

America opens the door...

In January 1975, the "Jackson-Vanik" law came into effect in the US, an amendment to the Trade Act of 1974. This effectively meant that Jews could now emigrate from Russia to America. The US saw this as a success, defending Soviet Jews. Russia actually seized this opportunity to send it's worst Jewish criminals to America by the boat-load.

This is how the Jewish Mafia finally infiltrated America in a big way, financed by the Anti-Defamation League and the Hebrew Aid Society et al.

These same Jewish organisations put aside large sums of money in order to help the incoming Russian Jews go on to emigrate to Israel. However, the newly arrived Mafia figures simply took this money and used it to create a settlement in New York. They chose Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and it became known as "Little Odessa" after the Ukrainian port town. Jewish crime boss Marat Balagula bought a restaurant and named it "The Odessa". This restaurant was to become a base for the Jewish Mafia.

As well as being a meeting place for Zionist organisations, 'The Odessa' was turned into the "People's Courts" by Balagula and other Jewish gangsters. They were a "state within a state" and there word is law. Public executions and torture, often in broad daylight, were among the punishments handed down. This let the Italian Mob know that they weren't messing around. They were incredibly violent, often for very little reason, and wanted everyone to know it.

The following incident is proof of the Jewish Mob's growing political power. Balagula teamed up with another Jewish gangster called Yuri Brokhin. They liked to steal diamonds and replace them with fakes and they did such a "job" together in Chicago. Both were caught and also had $175,000 on them.

Even though both were convicted, they never spent a day in jail. Their crimes carry a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison but they walked out of court as free men.

Everything the Zionist Mafia have ever done is on a huge scale. Balagula himself had created an empire that stretched to North Africa, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The Jewish mob had also positioned themselves strategically within the oil trade to profit from it, often by merely influencing the price.

The Don

This is where we get to the man the CIA describe as "a grave threat to global security" and "the world's most dangerous man". In fact, he is the world's most powerful gangster yet his name is not one many have heard. This is evidence of the Zionist-controlled media making sure that all information about crime perpetrated by Jews goes uncovered.

His name is Semion Mogilevich. He is now 72 and based in Moscow, living free from extradition. He is a multiple national of Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and of course, Israel. Although he is Jewish, he once complained about Israel saying "there are too many Jews there"...

He is the "boss of bosses" of the Russian Mafia and is also known as the "Brainy Don".

He employs hundreds of highly-qualified people to operate his global financial empire. In 1998, he was the head of a syndicate that laundered a record-breaking $7 BILLION through the Bank of New York. (The figure may be as high as $10 Billion)

Despite his comments about Israel, he still sees fit to oversee the entirety of the country's brothels. Ukrainian and Russian girls are trafficked there as sex slaves; ALL perfectly legal in Israel as long as the girls are not Jews...

He controls the Russian and central European vodka trade. He has bought and controls all military equipment and arms manufacturing in Hungary. He has his own army and nuclear weapons from former Warsaw-pact countries making him personally more powerful than many countries. He has agents placed all over Europe and beyond that keep him up to date with Intelligence, including close ties to Mossad who have destroyed his criminal files.

This is just a brief summary of what Mogilevich is into. There is more, much more, you could write many books about his exploits and people have. But the aim here was to give a basic overview of a man who is truly formidable and has earned his reputation.

Israel itself has helped facilitate the rise of Jewish drug dealers, child pornographers and slave traders; even murderers. As long as the victims of their crimes are not Jewish, Israel will always refuse to extradite their citizens.

Israel, the great hiding place of the International Jewish criminal.

Another factor that helps the Zionist Mafia stay off the radar is the fact that the media is owned and controlled by Jewish families. The Anti-Defamation League carry huge political weight also. THIS is why you will rarely, if ever, see reports of major organised Jewish crime in the Mainstream Media.

The Don-ald

This brings us neatly to the President of the USA himself, Donald Trump, and where he fits into all this. He was mentored by notorious Jewish lawyer Roy Cohn throughout the 1970's and up until Cohn's death from AIDS in 1986.

Cohn was no ordinary lawyer. In 1978, Esquire magazine once ran an article entitled "Don't mess with Roy Cohn". He was known as the most feared lawyer in New York, "A ruthless master of dirty tricks... and more than one Mafia Don on speed dial."

He took a young Donald Trump under his wing, he liked what he saw in Trump and the feeling was reciprocal. Cohn was known as a man who got what he wanted; many feel this is where Trump cultivated that same philosophy. A "say anything, win at all costs" mentality, the persona learnt from Cohn.

Cohn was more than just a lawyer, he was also in essence a Consigliere for his Mafia clients. He was the advisor in-chief to major Mob bosses such as "Fat Tony" Salerno, boss of the Genovese Mafia family, the most powerful in New York. Another "client" was Paul Castellano, head of the Gambino Mafia family.

Salerno and Castellano controlled construction firms that Trump employed to supply the concrete for Trump Plaza. The contract was for $8 million, an inflated price to keep unions under control. Salerno was imprisoned for his part in this bit of business and died in jail. All this was organised under the watchful eye and protective wing of Roy Cohn.

Trump, for all intents and purposes, was "created" by Roy Cohn. Roy was a gangster-in-lawyer's-clothing and known affiliate of both the Italian and Zionist Mafias. He introduced Trump to these people and into their world, one which Trump has never escaped.

Trump was in $1 BILLION debt to 72 banks at one point, all Jewish-owned. But they have never called the debt in... It seems that not only is Trump owned by the Zionist banksters but he is also a product of the Zionist Mafia. He has done business with not only New York Italian Mafia families but also the Brighton Beach "Russian" Mafia.

The Jewish banking cartel are surely not so generous to other clients who are in $1 BILLION of debt. But this particular client was well worth a measly Billion dollars it seems; they now own the President of the United States.

In a nutshell, the "Kosher Nostra" have got who they wanted all along into the White House. This is dangerous; the last time a country fell into the clutches of the Zionist Mob was arguably in 1917 when the Bolsheviks took control of the Soviet Union.

That saw 100 million people killed; I pray things work out a lot better with Zionism's latest puppet.


"Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob has Invaded America" - Robert I. Friedman book - 2000
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