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Is questioning peoples beliefs and ideas 'hateful'?

My angle on this is that the ideas and beliefs that people have in their minds are a sort of software that then steers the hardware which is their body

this is why i think we should be able to question peoples beliefs and ideas; i believe in a free market of ideas

what i think becomes ugly is when people criticise people on the basis of their hardware which is where things get into the realm of racism

but what goes on in peoples heads is not a fixed thing and is usually put there by their culture of birth and therefore cannot be claimed to be an infallible part of nature

so while i believe that all human types of hardware ie races ALL have a right to exist on this earth as nature created them i don't believe that all ideas and beliefs should be given equal respect as some ideas and beliefs really are not as good as others

so for example some ideologies might work well while others might be catastrophic and history has plenty of evidence to support this claim

religious beliefs should also be open to critique as far as i'm concerned ESPECIALLY as they are often open to INTERPRETATION and are often read literally instead of mythologically which is to say as a story that may bring insights to the human psyche

So if beliefs exist that justify the mistreatment of some ethnic groups by a certain ethnic group then i would see that as problematic and i personally believe it is acceptable to challenge such views

It seems to me that some people are playing a game of thrones along identity group lines and that they are playing to win

The chinese for example are playing to win. No one has an issue with me saying that

But the chinese are not the only people playing to win so what we have to consider if we don't want to fall victim to the games of others is how the actions of those people impact us and whether or not that is acceptable

If a person does not wish harm on others but is merely concerned with preventing harm being done to themselves and others and explores ideas and beliefs in that spirit then i fail to see how such explorations can be interpreted as 'hateful'. In fact the ideas and beliefs that are being explored may in fact be the element in all of this that is founded on hate
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