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"Have They Learned Nothing?" - The End Of France As We Know It?
by Tyler Durden
Thu, 12/13/2018 - 05:00

They can’t cordon off this movement in France and use it to demonize the leadership and, by extension, the people.

It’s jumped borders. It’s part of the zeitgeist now.

No matter how many times rags like The Guardian, Der Spiegel and Politico call these people ‘far-right’ or ‘alt-right’ and link them to Nazism it doesn’t stop them because the protestors don’t see themselves that way.

And well they shouldn’t because they aren’t.

Macron made numerous mistakes in handling this protests. But the biggest one was opening up his conversation with the French people with the same, tired insults used in the past to smear them and sow division.

Have they learned nothing in the past three years?

Brexit was not a fluke.

Trump was not a fluke.

Salvini isn’t a fluke.

Orban isn’t a fluke.

France is not a fluke.

These elections represent gut level revulsion to the path the political and economic discourse is on. And crying Nazi wolf too many times eventually gets you eaten.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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