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Arrow Tom Ketchup

The address side of the 'Saucy Jacky' postcard..
Colloquial name generally given to a postcard received by the Central News Agency on the morning of 1st October 1888.. It was a pre-stamped card in common use at the time, however the copying method of the Victorian era failed to register the blue colour of the printed 'stamp' and thus it does not appear on the various copies now available.. Both message and address were written in red pencil/chalk.. Both sides of the postcard were smeared with what appeared to be blood, the address side bearing traces of finger or thumb prints..

It was addressed to 'Central News Office, London City E.C' and postmarked 'LONDON OC 1 88'..

I was not codding dear old Boss when I gave you the tip, you'll hear about Saucy Jacky's work tomorrow double event this time number one squealed a bit couldn't finish straight off. ha not the time to get ears for police.. thanks for keeping last letter back till I got to work again..

Reservoir Dogs "Ear Scene" HD..

Jack the Kipper..

Ketchup, or catsup, is a table sauce..Heinz ketchup, which contains 23.7 g sugar and 3.1 g of salt per 100 g, is the market leader, with an 82% market share in the UK..In the 17th century, the Chinese mixed a concoction of pickled fish and spices and called it (in the Amoy dialect) kôe-chiap or kê-chiap (鮭汁, Mandarin Chinese guī zhī, Cantonese gwai zap) meaning the brine of pickled fish (鮭, salmon; 汁, juice) or shellfish..English settlers took ketchup with them to the American colonies..By the mid-1850s, the anchovies had been dropped..Jonas Yerkes is credited as the first American to sell tomato ketchup in a bottle..F. & J. Heinz launched their tomato ketchup in 1876..Heinz tomato ketchup was advertised: "Blessed relief for Mother and the other women in the household!"... more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.. Now, I'm afraid that there's going to have to be a certain amount of violence.. But at least we know it's all in a good cause, don't we?..As the good Lord said: "Love thy neighbour as thyself..Heaven, is that Heaven is for people who like the sort of things that go on in Heaven..Whereas Hell, on the other hand, is for people who like the other sorts of things..My lord, good news!.The Swiss have invaded France!..

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