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Originally Posted by biblegirl View Post
Hagbard that is a good looking piece, and at a good price too for a cone that size . Thanks for sharing, the effects you mentioned are also what I have noticed myself, and are commonly reported among people using orgonite.

I ordered 3 orgonite pyramids on ebay, and they came in a box with those white styrafoam packing peanuts. When I opened the box the packing peanuts "flew" out and covered me head to toe! I've never seen anything like it, they were attached to me by what felt like static cling and it took me forever to pick them all off of me, they did not want to let go! This package came from Africa and I wonder if the packing material must have gotten charged during the shipment time, so that they "attacked" the first thing they could hold onto when they were freed lol. It was crazy! Anyone else notice this from internet orders?
Hi biblegirl,

Great idea for a thread. I,ve just got some orgonite, and I cant wait to enjoy the benefits of it. Can you post or pm the details of who you dealt with on ebay, as I,d like to get some more orgonite.

I have some in my polytunnel, so I,ll post any pics of any results

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