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Has anyone here actually ever had first hand experience with anyone or themselves has needed a transplant?
What if it where yourself or your child or loved on that needed one to save their life - would you still be against it then? could you honestly say NO if you where given the choice of your child having a new organ and leading a normal life or would you watch them deteriorate in front of your eyes?

I am speaking from first hand experience - my daughter who is 13 had her liver transplant a few weeks ago, without it she would not have made it past 15 yrs old. It was only diagnosed in March and by then it was too late for her own liver. She's doing amazingly well now and fingers crossed everything is working the way it should. Yes she does have to take anti rejection drugs for life, and if the levels of the drug are not monitored it can may be cause the body to not recognise cancer cells, but is monitored very regular.

I guess what i am trying to say is it's easy to say no i would never allow it to happen etc but you never truly know how it is until you are faced with that decision.
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