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Originally Posted by throatyogurt View Post
Terrorist Collaborator. That's a new one I have to admit. I am usually a shill or a government loyalist.
Thank your for that admission of terrorist collaboration. A “government loyalist” is a terrorist collaborator in my judgement, a person of no moral worth, a useless eater, etc. Please allow me to introduce myself I am a long term evangelical, genocidal, militant, apocalyptic Communist Internet activists. With the introductions out of the way, we can at least identify each other as “terrorists.” Ultimately of course I can assure you that with regards to “terror” on my part, I have “ultimately” no wish to simply“scare” the Anglo-American terrorist collaborators; I merely seek nothing less than their apocalyptic annihilation, so that they can happily fly up to their Capitalist Jesus in Capitalist Heaven and bother humanity no more.

You have since conceded the fact that this statement by you is erroneous and you can not prove ANY of the hijackers are still alive. Apparently there was some miss-communication in my post, I regret that. Be that as it may, my point stands. No one can prove any of the 19 hijackers were alive post 9-11.
OK Fair enough. The matter of the hijackers being alive is subject to some dispute and is inconclusive; thus, this may just end up as a "red herring ( distraction)" with regards to 911 being carried out by the world's leading terrorist organisation (The US government), so I will set this point aside; it is hardly the main issue with regards to the decades long history of U.S. State terrorist deception, genocide, black operations, narco-terrorism (narcotics trafficking), war and the manifestation of human evil in general; I generally discuss much wider topics that the specifics of some alleged Al Queda member (i.e. a US military asset, pawn, employee or whatever).

Playground antics do nothing to phase me. Keep em coming, you are only digging a deeper ditch. I will be forced to add (sic) to all your spelling errors. (there are many)
My spelling, grammar and punctuation suffer from my 70 wpm typing speed and the effects of alcohol and other substances; I also exist on numerous parts of the Internet and this forum only gets part of my attention; I am too busy to bother too much with form and tend to concentrate on content. I readily admit to not using a spell checker but it is not due to a lack of education; I am perfectly literate, however you don't appear to be able to comprehend statements which you are responding to; that is a lack of basic literacy skills; I don't suffer from that.

So, you listen only to conspiracy theorists? Rob Balsamo?
Well you can throw ad hominem attacks at Rob all day long and criticise his personal situation as much as you wish, but he is certainly indisputably a qualified pilot.

What exactly are your aviation qualifications?

Your obvious paranoia with the American Government means you are unable to accept any agency that agrees with the findings of the NIST, 911 Commission, or any other investigative entity that does not support the fantasy of the Truth Movement.
Paranoia is defined as a "false fear." I have already stated my position that the US state terrorists have a long history of provable deception, black military operations, false flag operations, state terrorism, narco-terrorism, war, genocide, Capitalist imperialism etc., and that any evidence presented by US state terrorist collaborators is thus to be treated as dubious "terrorist propaganda" in my judgement and not as "evidence;" this is only fair, just a judge would point out to a jury that a witness in a court who is a known collaborator with an organisation with a similar history of deception, torture, murder, genocide, drugs trafficking etc., would direct the jury to consider such testimony as unreliable.

Since you brought up the Pentagon, and the "tiny" hole, simple math will show you that the hole was not too small.
What exactly are you qualifications in mathematics, physics and structural engineering?

You posted a picture from Purdue's Computing Research Institute. Have you examined this information, or did you hand wave it away? It was accepted by many REAL Engineering firms and considered factual. Not one... I repeat not ONE paper has been submitted for peer reviews that refutes the work of Mete A. Sozen, Sami A. Kilic and Christoph M. Hoffmann. In addition to the Purdue research, have you read the Pentagon Building Performance Report? If so, did you understand it? If not, do you contact a licensed engineer to answer the questions you had?
OK so before we go any further and you waste any more of my time, since you have already admitted that you are an overtly declared terrorist collaborator, rather than you just continuing to spout terrorist propaganda and the testimony of other state terrorist collaborators such as yourself, what exactly are your aeronautical, scientific, engineering, mathematical, physicist, (etc.) qualifications and areas of professional or academic expertise?

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